6 Ways To Increase Endurance While Running Over 40

6 Ways To Increase Endurance While Running Over 40

6 Ways to Increase your endurance while running

1 . Find tips to run easy

If you want to cover long distances, then the best option for you will probably be lowering your fatigue when you start to go further.

If you first understand how to run further, then you will know how to make your running race much more effortless.

The best way to achieve it will be low heart rate training.

You should make yourself a plan for aerobic fitness training that will help you run long distances without making your heart rate rise because it exhausts your body and makes your recovery much slower if you continue to do it while running long distances.

What you should take into consideration is:

– Don’t pay attention to your phone or watch when you are running

– Try to control how much effort you make

– Do not exhaust yourself while running; otherwise, you will have to take more breaks

– You may feel that sometimes it is harder for you to run, so make a plan for each day in order, not to overwork

– If you feel relief while running, it will be easier for you to try to walk further mentally.

Once you get past this so-called barrier you’re stuck in, and you will open up to new opportunities.

2.  Walk More

Do you think that walking and running are two different things? For example, those who run don’t usually walk? Or do you think they do?

We suggest that walking in your sports routine is essential as much as any other exercise, which will make you more fit and get used to spending your time on your feet. So many people know that you should walk a bit after you stopped running, but how many of us put it into practice.

Will walking help your running endurance?

Certainly will. Let’s check out why:

– Walking will make you more endurant

– Spending time walking will make you more race-ready even if you just walk around the city

– By walking you will cover the distance then while running

– It will use the same muscles

– Walking will make your back pain much easier

– It will make your legs stronger

– Hiking on high hills will use your glutes muscles without increasing the intensity of your heart rate


If you combine walking with running, then such a routine will help you with running further distances by making your body stronger, increasing the capacity of your lungs, relieving stress, and losing weight.

For this, you will need just to add a few kilometres of walking after you ran a race. Of course, you can walk with your family or friends as well.


3. You can add work to your running routine

Running long distances and walking may not be the only solution to a healthy and strong body. It would help if you focused on how to use your speed effectively to get the desired result.

– First, add running strides to every race that you run

– Then add walking on hills to make your legs stronger

– Then add fartlek workouts

You can run a few times a day, and once a week, you can add a few more kilometres. It is advisable to do it in the morning.

 What if you want to speed up?

If you are a busy person and barely leave your workplace or just like intense workouts, you may use the “Hanson Plan”, which helps people save their time and uses more effort.

With “Hanson Plan”, you won’t be running long distances. Still, you will make intense runs on a short distance so that you will be able to run further on your race day just by slowing down, which is really effective.

4.  Add Strength Training

Hill workouts are beneficial because they require your leg muscles, and they encourage your better running form.

First of all, to get up the slope, you must drive your knee up, which is better than overextending your leg. Together, these two “exercises” promote endurance and will prevent any injuries.

But don’t forget that nothing can replace work strength training exercises. You can use simple bodyweight exercises and dumbells at home. These are focused on increasing the strength and stability of the upper body but more focus on your lower body to propel you forward and maintain proper form than on building cardio.

You can try the free strength training plan for runners here 

Remember that a solid and fit core can help with your running stamina!

5.  Get over the running boredom

A lot of people may complain that they may get bored while running long distances.

You mustn’t want to keep running if you get bored, because you won’t have motivation. Here are few tips to make your running more interesting:

– Pick new places or locations for running. Paying attention to something new will make your time pass faster.

– Listen to any podcasts, music, or even audiobooks while on the run

– You can ask your friends to run with you(try to motivate them)

– Join a group of other running people

– Don’t go running every day. Instead, you can mix different exercises daily

6.  Set Real Goals for running

Have you ever thought that you can’t set new goals because your plans are too big? Or you really feel like running 50 kilometres if you are a beginner? Stop trying to overcome your possibilities and look at what you can really do.

Just make a bit more effort each day, and you will have success in what you do by seeing how your results are getting better.

Every single step and effort counts. It is just impossible to do everything at once. You have to train.

Remember that achieving goals consists of every tiny step that you make each day.

So when you run and use only your lungs, heart, and body – it won’t be enough until you use your brain.

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