7 Tips To Help You Start Running For Weight Loss

7 Tips To Help You Start Running For Weight Loss

7  Tips To Help You Start Running For Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, running is an undisputable forerunner to help you achieve your goals within the shortest time.

Well, just like other weight loss strategies out there, running for weight loss comes with particular dos and don’t. And just as you would rightly guess, the dos and don’ts are not to mount undue pressure on you. Instead, they are meant to help you get more bangs for your bucks.

Sure, you would be thinking about what could be the does and don’ts (or maybe some tips) you need to understand to see your weight loss dreams come true. But, that is exactly what this post is designed to walk you through.

So, sit back and learn these few tips before hitting the street with your running kit.


Pick up the challenge to start. Like any other goal you may wish to achieve, starting is the first and best way to get there. And for weight loss through running, the same rule applies because you can’t trim down that stubborn fat by mere wishing you could start running.

So, if you are here to learn about the tips you need to help you run for weight loss, accept that the first thing you must do is roll out of your comfort zone and pick up the challenge to start running.


  1. Chose your best moment to run

Yes, it is widespread to find people get out of their bed in the morning to run, either to keep fit, lose weight or for some other reasons best known to them. However, the simple truth is that; you mustn’t run in the morning simply because that’s the time you see your neighbour next door going out to do so.

Just as our body systems differ, so it is with our schedule. So, it is best to run for weight loss when you deem it best for yourself.

Nevertheless, running in the morning guarantees that you won’t skip your running routine, especially when you are worked out and tired from the day’s activities.


  1. Start small

There is a common saying that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.” The same applies when it comes to running for weight loss. Always start small by running just a few meters and then gradually increasing your running distance as the day flips over.

Remember, weight loss isn’t a sprint or dash race. Instead, it involves a gradual and steady commitment to any strategy you have adopted to ensure that you win the fight against stubborn fat.

  1. Make running a habit

Yes, we all know that habits are easy to form but very difficult to let go of. So, you lose nothing by making running for weight loss a habit, and the best part of it is that; besides helping you lose weight, running is actually a good exercise that helps to keep your overall system fit and healthy. This, you can tell from the amount of waste material you tend to expel from your body by simply running.

  1. Chose healthy fat in your diet

While losing fat is the watchword for why you are running, your body still needs some fat to supplement your body’s energy. So, rather than find yourself in a rat race by eating unhealthy fats that tend to thwart your effort, feast only on healthy fat from foods such as avocados, nuts, coconuts, and fish.

  1. Never overdo

I have always learned that moderation is the best way to go in anything I do in my mid-forties. Yes, even in my eating habit.

So, moderation is a rule of thumb, which you must also observe when it comes to running for weight loss. Moderating your running time, speed and distance will keep you strong and healthy to continue the next time.

  1. Consider your carb intake.

Overestimating your calorie expenditure during running can tempt you into carb-overloading after your exercise. In this case, it is imperative to regulate your carb intake by ensuring that you don’t take more than you expend while running. Doing this will ensure that you are actually heading in the right direction towards weight loss through running.

Final thought

Running is one of the best strategies to lose weight. While running for weight loss, observing some important tips such as starting the routine, choosing the best time, starting small and gradually progressing, feasting on healthy fat, and regulating your carbohydrate intake are some sure bets to achieve your weight loss goals in a grand style.

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